Let it go

This is and advanced pianodemonstration of the Idina Menzel version from the movie Frozen.

Sheet Music:

  • LET IT GO (Indina Menzel. Ab-major. Same version as the video below)
  • Let it go 2 (Demi Lovato version. G-major. Full song, chords only 1 page)
  • Let it go 3 (Same as above, but with melody and lyrics. 1 vers and 1 chorus)


Some slight tempo variations in the soundtrack makes it difficult to match any click recording with the soundtrack. I opted to record listening to the original soundtrack without a metronome, making it hard to keep time before the beat enters.

For The Idina Menzel version:

  • In the intro and 1 vers the pianopattern C,G,Ab,C,G,Ab is played with a lot of different permutations. It seems like every other timeduring the Db chords  its C,Ab,G,C,Ab,G. The C notes on the 4and, is also played rather randomly.

The pianopart follows the melody on many of the parts. Escpecially “Dont let the in” and “My power flurrish”. This is optional and you can just play the chords powerfully.

If the 16th notes in the instrumental part if to much of a fingerbreaker, then just repeat the 2 previous bars with the 8th notes 2 times.

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